Posted by: Jen | May 1, 2010

May 1 – Workout 1

I intended to swim and bike today but had a lot of things to get done… I started the day with a trip to the local smog check station to get that taken care of. (In their infinite wisdom, California passed a law this year that diesel cars have to be smogged; they used to be exempt.) It took forever, but I got in some solitaire on my phone and grabbed a cup of coffee while I waited. Once that was done, it was off to the local tire place to get my flat tire repaired/replaced (whichever was the best option). I ended up having to get a new tire, but they had a used one in really good condition so I got lucky there. They also plugged another tire that had a small leak. All in all, I got out in about 20 minutes for a good price.

After all that, I was not far from the gym so I headed over. I got in the pool right away (the best thing about this gym is there’s never been a wait for the pool) and knocked out 24 laps in 30 minutes. I’m still averaging 1:15/lap, which is slower than I’d like, but I can feel myself getting my endurance back which is more important right now. I felt strong and tried to concentrate on my form.

After the swim, I headed to Target to pick up some foodstuffs (they have GREAT prices on snacks and what-not!) and other sundries, then went home where the mister and I proceeded to spend about two hours going through boxes in the garage – I found a TON of stuff I had forgotten about, like my old Sega Genesis/Sega CD system and a bunch of tapes from my high school/early college days! We got a lot accomplished and made a generous donation to our local Goodwill as well!

A quick trip to Trader Joe’s for some other items capped off the evening and now we’re getting ready to grill out. Of course, the propane tank is empty so the mister is off to get it refilled while I start prepping. I might even take some photos to share. 🙂 I’m not really a food blogger, but I am a foodie for sure!

Hope all of you are having a nice weekend!



  1. awesome that you feel like youre getting your endurance back in the pool. and target = one of the best places to grocery shop. hands down!

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