Posted by: Jen | May 3, 2010

Three for three on May 3

Today was the first day of my new work schedule and boy was it hard to get up this morning. I was up at 5:00 and out the door an hour later, on the train at 6:17 and on my way to the big city. I made it to work a little before 8 and was pretty busy all day, but still sleepy! đŸ™‚ We had a co-worker’s birthday celebration with some delicious cookies from Anthony’s that were quite tasty and I was out the door at 4. I went straight to the gym from the train station and swam 1,000 yards in 24 minutes (average: 1:13/lap).

Today I concentrated on form and I could tell I was all over the place. I wish I could get into a masters swim class, I’m sure I could use some serious technique work. I’ll have to find some videos/articles online. At about lap 16, I pushed off the wall and somehow tweaked my knee – OW, it hurt. It feels OK now but for a little while there it hurt something fierce. I also noticed a random creepy guy who was kind of hanging around the pool (in street clothes, carrying a gym bag – not a hot tub/sauna/steam user) watching me swim. Thankfully I was almost done and ducked into the locker room as quickly as I could. I didn’t see him on my way out, whew! That was a little weird. (I was the only one swimming.)

Not much else to report – I’m loving the end-of-month recaps! Keep ’em comin’!



  1. I’m sure you could take him if necessary. =P

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