Posted by: Jen | May 12, 2010

Almost time for the craziness…

… that is the ING Bay to Breakers 12K.

Seriously, faithful readers – if you’ve never run this race, you should. I think everyone should run it at least once. Where else can you see:

-A pink gorilla who finishes in the top 100;

– Kenyans, elites, and said pink gorilla starting together;

-Costumed runners;

-Centipede runners (a group of runners who stay together and are tethered together for the whole race);


-The salmon (a group of runners dressed up like a giant salmon who run the race from finish to start, migrating upstream as salmon do);

and last but not least… NAKED RUNNERS. Yes, that’s right, folks. Full frontal, stark naked, full monty, birthday suit naked craziness. Only in San Francisco!

I’ll be running in Corral B this year and actually intend to start with Corral B. Last year I ended up in a horrendously long port-a-john line and missed my start, ending up weaving through walkers for the first 2-3 miles. Not again!!! My goal time is 1:15:00 or thereabouts; it was extremely warm last year (unseasonably so) so I ran it in 1:21:34. This year, it should be much cooler. My friend J, who ran the Oakland Half with me, will be joining me for this race as well. 🙂

Today’s workout consisted of a 2-mile quickie run at 5:00am and an 800-yard swim this evening. Neither were very good, but at least I got them done. Can’t let a less-than-stellar workout get in the way or they all eventually become less-than-stellar. 🙂



  1. Best of luck at B to B. Sounds like a fabulous race so I know you’ll have a great time. And, I can relate to your “not-great-but-you-got-it-done” workouts, but honestly you’re great! Keep running and tri-ing. 🙂

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