Posted by: Jen | May 30, 2010

Sweet relief

I had to pop in this morning and share that my new contour pillow is FANTASTIC! It worked like a charm. I woke up with zero neck pain today and feel pretty well-rested. We had a lot of noise last night with work being done on the railroad tracks (they’re behind the houses across the street, so it’s very close) and dogs barking/birds chirping this morning, but all in all I do feel pretty good. It’s so nice to not wake up in pain.

Today’s plan is a TM run because I overslept and missed my window for cool weather. It’s already 72 degrees and climbing; too warm for me to be out running, especially with the lack of shade around here. I don’t need the extra sun exposure and I know it’s just too hot to have fun. I’ll likely take a quick dip in the pool after. It always feels best after a hot and sweaty workout!

Hope you’re having a great Sunday, faithful readers!



  1. omg yay new pillow šŸ™‚ and ugh i hate it when i miss the cool weather. it’s been happening more and more though haha. but i’m usually stupid enough to head outside anyway. good call with the pool post workout. definitely a treat!

  2. Glad the pillow worked!

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