Posted by: Jen | June 6, 2010

Long time, no post

Whew! I am SO GLAD this week is over. It was brutal, to say the least. I worked about 45 hours… and that’s with the holiday. I ended up working back-to-back 11+ hour days on Thursday and Friday and another 7 yesterday at our race, which, from what I’ve been reading, was a success! I’m so glad the participants enjoyed it. There were a few flaws, as there always are, but overall the feedback has been positive.

(If any of you are ever out this way, I highly recommend it! Women’s half marathon/5K, chocolate and champagne at the finish, medals and tech shirts for ALL participants, flat and scenic course, great post-race party.)

I worked from 6:30am-1:30pm yesterday and got home, did some cleaning, then pretty much crashed out… not sleeping, per se, but just lounging around. I did end up falling asleep for about an hour and a half, then the mister and I went to dinner. I suggested we take a walk after we got home, so we walked 2 miles around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful night. I hope we do that more often. 🙂

I dragged myself out of bed early yet again today (I haven’t had more than 6 hours of sleep any night since Monday) so I could get in my run and beat the heat. Today we’re expecting a high of 85+ so I wanted NO part of that later on! (As I type this, just before 10 am, it’s already 74 degrees and rising.)

I left the house at 6:15 and ran 8.3 miles using the Galloway method – 5 min run/1 min walk. It was 67 when I started and 68 when I finished, thank goodness. We also had a nice breeze off the delta, which helped a LOT! I explored my neighborhood, the neighborhood up the street, and our downtown/old town area, which is under significant renovation and rebuilding. I saw only a handful of other people and a few cars. My pace was pretty slow on average – just over 11 minutes per mile – but I expected that with the heat. There was a decent amount of shade but I did get some significant sun time. I took an ice bath and am wearing my compression sleeves/knee sleeve to reduce the swelling brought on by the heat.

I did give in to the urge and signed up for my first XTERRA trail race! It’s on Saturday in the Marin Headlands. It should be a gorgeous day and I know the area pretty well from my first-ever trail race, which was held nearby. The race is only 7K – kind of a random distance – but I don’t have enough time that day to fit in a longer option. The mister and I have to go to a family event that afternoon near Sacramento. That’s going to be a lot of driving!

Although this week didn’t end up being so great overall (not exactly the bang-up start to June I had hoped for), it ended on a good note.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. gah i am so not really looking forward to going into the real world and working! but i’m glad the race went well and that you got positive feedback. maybe i missed this awhile ago but what exactly do you do? must be something cool if you get to work at races!

    and whoo-hoo on signing up for the trail race. that’s really exciting

    • I work for a women’s athletic apparel chain called See Jane Run. We put on three races every year and are expanding the series over the next few years. 🙂

  2. Yikes, I hope work calms down so you can sleep again. I hear you on the heat. It went from cold to hot here all at once, and I’m still trying to get used to it.

  3. I’m so glad I started including short walking times. It makes all the difference.

    Hope work gets a little less crazy for you!

  4. hope work has calmed a bit! you need some sleep

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