Posted by: Jen | June 19, 2010

Dirt in the skirt! (er, shorts)

I went for an awesome trail run today at Contra Loma Regional Park/Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. (The two parks are right next to each other, you can park at one and run to the other and vice versa.) I decided to take some new trails I hadn’t explored before. It was AWESOME!

As most of you faithful readers know, I lost a dear friend to suicide last year; yesterday was the anniversary and I’d been feeling sad, so I wanted to spend some solo time in the hills to reflect and what-not. I got to the top of a really big hill and lo, there was a bench there. I sat on the bench for a while and thought about things… shed a few tears, shouted to the skies… and while I’m not a very spiritual person, I did feel that there was a presence/force/whatever there with me. I was kind of skeptical, so I put a challenge out to the universe to show me a sign that perhaps my friend was with me. I started down the hill on a single-track trail, and all of a sudden a butterfly flew in front of me.

Well, that was enough for me – I’m a huge fan of butterflies and I’ve never seen one in that park before. For the rest of the run, I felt like I could fly. I clocked myself at sub-7:00 on one downhill and felt strong and invincible on the challenging uphills. It was as if something was helping me along.

Here are a few of the photos I took:

The first part of the trail

The big hill, as seen from the bottom

View from the top - Mount Diablo is seen in the background.

Waving summer grasses

A hidden pond

The beginning of the awesome downhill run

After getting home, I made some excellent pumpkin pancakes and then the mister and I did some yard work. Gardening is very therapeutic as well.

In other news – marathon training starts next week!!!!



  1. wow what a beautiful place. definitely somewhere to go and think and, apparently, be really fast 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous view. So sorry still about that loss. Can’t believe it’s already been this long.


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