Posted by: Jen | July 29, 2010

San Francisco Marathon (first half): A Race Report

I know I should have written a race report by now, but I haven’t been able to get online (I’ve been coming home, eating, and going to bed, or the hubster is hogging the laptop) and now I’m not in the shmood. Haha.

I’ll sum it up for you quickly:

On Tuesday before the race I woke up with major calf pain. I hadn’t injured myself, so I figured out with the help of a dear friend that it was most likely a potassium deficiency brought on by being very ill on Sunday night (migraine). I ate a lot of potassium-rich foods and by Friday it felt fine. However, on race day, I was feeling off. I had gotten very poor sleep the night before (cheap-ass hotel didn’t have a coffee maker, meaning no pre-race coffee and no oatmeal because of no hot water). I only ate a banana before the race. So I’m poorly fueled, sleep deprived, and my knee was bothering me after riding the bike the day before. We were in line for AGES waiting for a bathroom and missed our wave… so on top of it all, we started a full 30 minutes later than I expected. (Remember I hadn’t eaten much? That was fully 2 hours before the race. I’m hungry by this point.)

On top of that, my knee is bothering me so I’m wearing a strap, but I didn’t think I’d need my calf sleeve. I would soon regret this decision.

The first few miles are OK, my knee is annoyed with me (it hurt in the vicinity of the pes anserine bursa) and I’m generally not feeling it. By the halfway point, we’re on the Golden Gate Bridge and I’m struggling, mentally. We go around the rest area/vista point and back over the bridge, and I’m REALLY not feeling it. By mile 9 (the far side of the bridge), my calf is fully awake and screaming at me. I had to stop and stretch. Then walk up the huge hill. Then stretch again. Then walk some more. I felt like those last 5 kilometers would NEVER END. Finally, the finish line was in sight and it was blissfully, happily, thankfully OVER.

That’s all I can say about it, honestly. Probably the worst I’ve ever felt in a race.

Final time: 2:17:40 (1:15 faster than last year, which was my goal)

I’m happy that I set a course PR, but unhappy about how badly it went and how much it hurt. I don’t think I’ll be doing that race again – if I do, it’ll be the second half. Time for a change.

A positive note: It was so great to meet two new friends and run with my friend L again. We haven’t run together since the Avenue of the Giants 10K last May. If you’re reading this, L, thanks again!!!

My recovery runs since then have been good – I’ve been wearing the calf sleeve, too! I ran 4 miles on Tuesday and 4.25 miles this morning. This weekend, I’m on tap for 8 (it’s a cut-back week). I won’t be running any more halfs for time this year until October 17th, when I continue the California Dreamin’ Race Series by running the Long Beach Half Marathon. I actually have a half marathon race on my marathon training schedule. Good times! 🙂



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  2. Jen! Great report! I never wrote one. Lol.

    So sorry you felt so badly in the race. You still did really well. I had a nice time running with you!

    xoxox Linn

  3. great report and great race despite not feeling so hot. it says a lot that you were able to finish and still set a course PR 🙂

  4. Wow, you get like 100 hardcore points for hanging on through a really really tough race feeling really really bad AND having a course PR.

  5. Jen, way to go and get a great time even though you weren’t feeling good! I can imagine that’d be a tough course to run if you weren’t feeling great! It was awesome to meet you and Linn! 🙂

  6. Good work Jen. A PR – not bad!

    Sorry about the bathroom issue. I heard about this from several others. YUKK!!

    On to greener pastures…

    See you at Long Beach, or maybe not but, we can all wish ourselves good luck!

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