Posted by: Jen | September 2, 2010

Month in Review: August 2010

This was a banner month for sure!

Running miles: 91.81 – a new record by far!!! About 20 miles more than July.

Swimming: Zero (not unexpected)

Cycling: 25 miles (one spin class, one stationary bike. kind of FAIL on this.)

Strength classes: 6

Races: 3 (half marathon, 5K, 25K)

PRs: 1 (5K! 25:33)

I’m definitely pleased with my progress in August, though I did fall off in strength training and cycling. September is a new month and a new chance to get more cross-training in. 🙂

I took yesterday and today off because of nagging shin pain after Tuesday’s 8-mile run. It’s feeling better so I’ll be running 16 miles on Saturday as scheduled! Have a great holiday weekend!



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  2. i fell off the strength training wagon too this past month! but your running was great! woot 🙂

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