The story of moi

I’m a long-time runner making the transition (pun intended) to triathlete. I did one sprint tri in October 2009 and have two more planned in 2010 (July and October). I had intended to do an Olympic-distance and half-Ironman but I fell in love with half marathons and have been running one a month since 2010 began. I’m a member of the Half Fanatics club and plan to run my first marathon on December 5 (California International).

I’m a runner, reader, writer, photographer, and whimsical child at heart. I’m a skin cancer survivor. I don’t read books; I devour them. My goal every year is to read 100 books. I came close in 2007, but not so close in 2008/2009. I’m trying again this year and am behind schedule but there’s still time to catch up. I love music, movies, amusement parks, hiking, camping, and trail runs. I’m always game for an adventure and I love to travel.

With luck and good training I will start focusing more on triathlon again in 2011. Maybe, just maybe… someday… I’ll become an Ironman.



  1. Jen – I just realized we’ll be making our distance debuts on the same weekend! My 50k is May 1st…eek!!!

  2. I would love to some day be an ironman as well. Good luck with your journey and I look forward to following your blog to see how you are progressing.

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