Posted by: Jen | November 17, 2010

Taper Time!

18 days to go and I made it through my second 20-miler!

The Clarksburg Country Run (in Clarksburg! Imagine that. LOL) was a great race, and I was so excited that they had a 20-mile distance. I think they planned it that way. 🙂 It was well organized, plenty of aid stations, and a nice medal at the end was a bonus. I finished in 3:38:07 – 10:54/mile. I’m pleased with that!

Me coming into the finish line:

Today I ran 6 miles around the neighborhood and I really felt it in my legs. They definitely worked harder than during my 21-miler on Oct. 30. I also took fewer breaks (had fewer shoe issues).

I’ve almost reached my fundraising goal – I have less than $100 to go! Can you help? Please consider even a $5 donation to this worthy cause. You can find my fundraising page here.

I have exceeded my mileage goal for the year and it’s not even marathon day yet! I don’t think I’ll make it to 1,000 miles but it’ll be close.

Have a wonderful week!

Posted by: Jen | November 6, 2010

Caribbean Sounds race report

The race was awful. Poorly organized would be a compliment. It was a disaster. They sold a ton of entries using a Groupon-type coupon, then claimed you had to go back and register officially on the race’s website – huh? I went through my e-mails and nothing ever indicated that. So I and at least 40 other people didn’t have numbers; we got assigned numbers at the race with a different bib that had no race logo.  I called it the “failure to follow instructions” bib. Then we had to wait until after the race for a shirt.

Then, to make things worse, the start was delayed by about 40-45 minutes. No information passed to the runners, no communication from race staff. I was already kind of thirsty, but then we got hungry to boot. On top of that, the course had no aid stations – except at the start/finish. It was two loops. I decided to pack it in and ran the 5K without completing the second loop. There was no way I was going to do well on that second half with no water for 3.1 miles when I was already hungry and thirsty. RB and I finished in 29:30 or so. There weren’t that many 5K people, so we’re probably among the top finishers. LOL. I didn’t see anyone milling about the finish area!

They had a food table set up, and they had cooked Caribbean-style dishes – but the food wouldn’t be ready for another half hour, they said. They had a 45-minute delay before the race start PLUS the time we spent running, and the food wasn’t ready??? I had to leave before I said something I’d regret. Haha. I got my shirt, thankfully, and we left. Had breakfast at a nice little cafe nearby… ricotta pancakes are a new yummy delight. So light and fluffy! 🙂

This week wasn’t the best, but the hay’s in the barn at this point – I have one more 20-miler and then taper time. This week isn’t going to break me come December 5. 🙂

[Random side note – they claim to support sarcoidosis research, but they had sarcoidosis spelled wrong on the race banner. Ehhhh…. not very professional, methinks.]

29 days until the marathon!!!!

Posted by: Jen | November 1, 2010

Month in Review: October!

Giants win the World Series!!!!!!!! YEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

On that note, on to more good news!

138 miles in October!!!!! And I survived my first 20-miler! I actually ran 21 miles! 🙂

34 days to go!!!!!! Please consider a small donation to the cause!!!

Posted by: Jen | October 5, 2010

Month in Review: September

Marathon training is chugging along, though not without its hiccups. 🙂 For those of you who follow my marathon blog, I will endeavor to be better about blogging in the last 8 weeks before race day!!!

And now, September in review:

Running miles: 97.9!!!! A new record!
Cycling: 115 minutes
Swimming: 2,800 yards

If I had gotten in that last run on 9/30 as I intended, I would have broken 100 miles for the month! Ah well. That’s what October is for, right? Lots of miles to be run. 🙂

Posted by: Jen | September 15, 2010

Race report finally posted!

Posted by: Jen | September 11, 2010

Quickie update – good news!

I have heard now that my friend did not lose her house, it is still standing! However, they do not know the extent of the damage just yet (whether there’s any structural or if it’s just on the outside) and they haven’t been told when they can move back in or even see it. Hopefully it’s soon. I am so relieved that they didn’t lose everything!

10K race tomorrow, report to follow (perhaps with photos!). 🙂

Posted by: Jen | September 9, 2010


In case you haven’t heard, the city of San Bruno was rocked by an explosion and major fire this evening – a ruptured gas line is the apparent cause.

One of my best friends from high school has lost her childhood home; as of right now, 53 homes have been lost and another 120 damaged. Dozens of people were injured and one confirmed fatality. It’s a sad day in the Bay Area. 😦

Running related, I have run 12 miles thus far this week and have a 10K race on Sunday. It’s a cut-back week.

Posted by: Jen | September 2, 2010

Month in Review: August 2010

This was a banner month for sure!

Running miles: 91.81 – a new record by far!!! About 20 miles more than July.

Swimming: Zero (not unexpected)

Cycling: 25 miles (one spin class, one stationary bike. kind of FAIL on this.)

Strength classes: 6

Races: 3 (half marathon, 5K, 25K)

PRs: 1 (5K! 25:33)

I’m definitely pleased with my progress in August, though I did fall off in strength training and cycling. September is a new month and a new chance to get more cross-training in. 🙂

I took yesterday and today off because of nagging shin pain after Tuesday’s 8-mile run. It’s feeling better so I’ll be running 16 miles on Saturday as scheduled! Have a great holiday weekend!

Posted by: Jen | August 28, 2010

New race report!

New race report posted at the other blog 🙂

Posted by: Jen | August 22, 2010

Yet another race report

At my other blog!

Week 9 – check! 🙂

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